Espresso, Graphite and Speed Art Exhibit

Been a little while since I’ve updated everyone on my blog about what has been happening in my corner of the art world. Some really exciting things to share with you though. I was invited by Southeastern Community College Art Professor, John Bybee to hold an art show at my alma mater’s art gallery. Entitled “Espresso, Graphite and Speed” the art exhibit ran for about 3 weeks from February 1st – 24th, with the caveat of a day delay for a massive blizzard making travel impossible. On display was a mixture of my most recent work in various mediums. Ink on bristol, oil on canvas and even graphite/airbrush/Prismacolor were in the mix that I had on display. The SCC Gallery had been refurbished since the last time I’d displayed there for my ‘At the Speed of Light-The Le Mans Experience’ exhibit in 2004. The lighting was completely enhanced along with the flooring to give a very warm environment for viewers to experience the work on display.

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Setting up the work…

Closing Night

The final night of the exhibit was really fantastic as I was able to see many friends and family that I hadn’t seen in some time. Professor Bybee had me give a brief chat to his students about how my work is created and what inspires it. His students were really engaged with their questions. Sharing creative angles about how other artists work is something that is really rewarding. There are times, being tucked away in my own part of the art universe that it’s very easy to lose touch with that outside creative influence. Staying in touch with other creatives on any level is something encouraging and vital to my creative process. Maybe there’s something that you didn’t see in your own creation or another technique to achieve a given effect. All of this keeps the inspirational wheel turning.

Whether it was my aunts seeing my son for the first time, instructors that had an impact on my education or just great friends we hadn’t seen face to face for a few years, really made the trip all the more impactful and special. Even both of my art high school art instructors came to see the show. That was something really special, having that reconnection nearly 20 years down the line from their instruction. I’ll ever forget that.

Espresso, Art and Speed Art Exhibit, John Gaines, The Hawk Eye, Setting Up,, Motorart 27,

Espresso art on display

Espresso, Art and Speed Art Exhibit, John Gaines, The Hawk Eye, Setting Up,, Motorart 27,

Even Mr. Loving stopped by!

Picking Up Steam…

After the initial The Hawk Eye article my work really picked up steam in terms of an online presence. I contacted Petrolicious about doing an article on my work, to which they were very receptive and gave me some wonderful exposure. From there the word has spread pretty quickly. Some new and exciting things are coming down the pipeline please stay tuned! Thanks for reading. – Alex