Hey guys, I just wanted to post a “thank you” to everyone who’s help I’ve received this year. It’s been a fantastic year of growth in my art, not only from a commercial perspective but also from the creative point of view as well.  I’ve learned so much in my little adventures this year, it’s been a real treat! I am looking forward to what the New Year holds. So to Chicago and Orange County Dainese D-Store’s for giving me a great place to display this summer, to everyone who purchased a print, gave me a place to crash, pitched in on this summer’s Kickstarter campaign, gave some much needed advice, wrote an article, or simply shared some news on social media I thank you. Last, but not least, I thank my wife Jess for the birth of my son and supporting this completely.

Some really cool things are lining up for 2014 already and I’ll be sharing more of that with you in the coming weeks. Hope everyone has a great NYE celebration. Be safe and have a BLAST!