Moss sketch -722 Mercedes 300 SLR Moss / Jenkinson 1955 Mille Miglia Winner

So I’ve been thinking this week about what I saw at the last MotoGP in Misano. All of the GP’s are spectacular to one degree or another to watch. Sometimes you get some dull racing because one of the (in 2013 Spanish) riders get the bit between their teeth and run off into the distance. But what I saw in Misano brought me back to the fascination about why I became interested in motorcycle racing, The Lean. If you have not read Chuck Culpepper’s article about the beauty of The Lean you should. That said, I was enthralled during Final Qualifying watching Marquez’s complete commitment on the back stretch kinks. Marc would breathe the throttle ever so slightly, eventually winding the RC213V down, virtually standing his bike on its nose into the final left of that sequence at Curva Del Carro. When I looked close I saw all of the acrobatics his and all of the other rider’s bikes were pushing as far as they dared on their final qualy laps. Suspension bobbing, tires slipping and riders trying not to close the throttle at a 45-50 degree lean angle at a 160 mph. As Toby Moody says “super human efforts” indeed!


The race itself wasn’t the most exciting I’ve seen all season. The typical Spanish 1, 2, 3, but Jorge isn’t giving this thing up with out a fight that’s for sure. Marc is clearly the man of the moment in MotoGP and can finish 2nd the rest of the season while Jorge keeps winning. The one thing in the back of my mind that could turn the tide of the championship is if Marquez has another one of his practice/warm-up off’s and is injured enough for it to effect his riding. I’d rather not see that and just see a straight fight for the title this year. Been too long since we’ve had a Premier class championship go down to the wire. Either someone gets hurt with 4-5 races to go or a rider is riding such a huge crest of a wave that they cannot be stopped. If Marc slips up though, Dani and Jorge will be sure to pounce, although I think Jorge is a bit more up to the task at the moment. Dani’s having some problems somewhere in the package. Either his head or the bike, not sure there.


What are you guys thoughts on the championship at this point? You think Marquez has it in the bag or can Jorge mount a charge, rattle the rookie’s cage and take the championship from under his nose?


Aragon is this weekend. Honestly one of my favorite new circuits in the world. The track layout reminds me a bit of Paul Ricard reflected 180 degrees. The elevation change clearly sets it apart though. Some really lovely sweeping bends, the downhill  left “Fortress” curve and the long back straight make this a cool new addition to the calendar. As futile as it is for me to expect a podium for Nicky Hayden on the Ducati, I’ll still be cheering for him to at least beat his teammate Dovizioso. I wonder if they’ll repeat their “Indy TT” finish from a few rounds ago!


This past weekend was the WEC round at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin. As with all long sports car races I watch I tend to break up my viewing over stints. 45 min watching, 1 hour working on art or some other project while I listen to it in the background and so on. This was one helluva race though, top to bottom! Initially I thought Audi was going to walk the dog on this one but it was certainly a close fight with Toyota. I just hope they can keep this high level fight up in 2014 when Porsche returns to the scene. GT racing in WEC and certainly ALMS is some of the best on the planet. Pretty unreal when your cars are fighting tooth and nail for nearly six hours straight. Can’t wait for the next race!


A bit of news for you guys looking to come see my work live. I’ll be at the Chicago Dainese D-Store in Schaumburg on October 12 & 13th. I’ll have my art displaying and doing some LIVE pastel drawing as well during their Made To Measure weekend event. I’ll have prints and originals there for purchase. Come by and say ‘hi’


It was Sir Stirling Moss’ 84th birthday this past week as well. So as my little birthday tribute I’ve posted a quick sketch of his winning Mercedes 300SLR that Dennis Jenkinson co-piloted with Stirling to victory at the 1955 Mille Miglia. Going to hit the canvas hard this weekend, I’ll keep you posted on what I create! I look forward to hearing from all of you, thanks for reading.