New Prints and Work

I wanted to send a shout out to a recent customer for her order. Why is this a big deal? Because these were the first prints of the Mario Andretti paintings I finished earlier this spring. Thanks again to Osio-Brown Editions for the superb print quality. Thanks Matty for your order!

Also, I couldn’t forget the original sketch of “Visions of the Night” that was sold to Mr. Tommy Kendall. Even sent me a note to thank me!

"Visions" canvas print. HOT off the press!

“Visions” canvas print. HOT off the press!


"Visions of the Night" looking great in it's new digs!

“Visions of the Night” looking great in it’s new digs!



“Porsche 936” on canvas with an elegant frame.


How cool is that?!

How cool is that?!

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