Marquez Pedrosa piece

Had a lot of fun creating this!

Alot has happened since I last updated the blog. I had a fantastic weekend at the Chicago D-Store event. Susan and the D-Store crew helped make me feel like a part of the team. It’s a very warm, inviting place to go to for anyone into motorcycling. Last weekend was particularly special because it was on a MotoGP race weekend. This time in Malaysia, so there was no lack of inspiration for me and my creations.

The crowd was much better for this show. I mainly think it was due to the good weather for the riders. They certainly turned out on some fine machinery! BMW’s, Duc’s, MV’s and a few Honda’s & Suzuki’s as well. Gorgeous colors, lines and SOUND! Wonderful stuff. I should try and create at the D-Store more often I think! One of the great things of the weekend was realizing how lucky I was to be in a place like that, creating work of what I love and getting to share that with people. Not a bad weekend out, hope to have more of those soon. I’d like to thank everyone who came out and those who ordered prints. The quality of the printing my friends over at Osio-Brown Editions is fantastic! If you’ve got any questions, feel free to shoot me an email for more details. There’s been some great momentum this year and even in the last few weeks about my work. Spread the word, big things are happening!

Marquez Transition

Not entirely sure where this one was going.


Enjoying the action from Sepang

Always time for a race break!

I talked a little last post about how this MotoGP championship could turn on a dime if someone slips up on the track or even off of it. After what happened in Australia this past weekend I’d say HRC dropped the ball. I’m still not happy about Bridgestone’s lack of preparedness in terms of safety for the riders. I know racing is a dangerous game but at the very least get a CRT bike down to Phillip Island to do a day test to make sure the tire is safe past 10 laps. I’ve read about cost effectiveness on several threads across the internet. How no one wants to spend the money. But, when it comes to safety, no expense should be spared there. Especially when it comes to something so straightforward as a tire holding together safely for the duration of a GP. Looks like Marc may have a legit fight on his hands the rest of the way. Cannot wait to see how this one pans out!

Anyone who didn’t at least DVR the Indycar Finale in Fontana missed out on a helluva race. There was solid action flag-to-flag. The restarts were EPIC. Four, sometimes even five-wide going into turn one. With the championship on the line between Scott Dixon and Helio Castroneves in the midst of all this action, it made for one of the most memorable 500 milers I’ve seen in years. There were stars throughout the race including Sebastien Bordais, Alex Tagliani (subbing for and injured Dario Franchitti) but I’d have to agree that Mr Muñoz put on an amazing show just like he did at Indianapolis earlier this year. Unfortunately he didn’t complete the race, crashing in turn 2 after some fantastic dicing at the front of the field. I’m excited to see how far this kid can go. He’s clearly got bags of talent, now of course it’s all about developing his race craft. Should be fun to watch in the coming years. I’ll let the highlight link do the talking, but man it was a fantastic race! What did you guys think?