International Debut for Alex Wakefield’s Art – Speed Lines

19 March 2016 – The Museu do Caramulo opened Alex Wakefield’s Speed Lines motorsport art exhibit in Caramulo, Portugal today to an enthusiastic crowd of art-loving petrolheads. The exhibition displays not only the undeniable artistic side and talent of Alex Wakefield but also an unexpected freedom in the interpretation of different points of view. With many angles in his paintings would be impossible to photograph or see in person, thus resulting in a pure exercise in imagination. The show consists of ten oil paintings across a spectrum of racing genres and runs until June 19th at the museum. Located some 60 miles from the coastal city of Porto, the Museu do Caramulo is the foremost museum for classic motoring in Portugal.

Born in Iowa City, Iowa, USA, Alex has always been fascinated by, the world of racing and the stories surrounding it. His love of motorsport reaches across the decades and covers both automobiles and motorcycles. This passion was the spark that triggered his art of capturing speed through the lines of his drawings and paintings, depicting some of the most famous moments and greatest circuits, drivers, and riders in the history of competition.

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Welcome to the BIG show!









Alex’s work has been featured both online and in print via outlets such as Motor Sport, Petrolicious, and Spiegel. His work is collected by people across the motorsport spectrum from fans to F1 drivers as well as historic racers. Alex has also been involved with the Road Racing Drivers Club for the past three years, with sales of his art raising funds for the Team USA Scholarship which brings up-and-coming American driving talent to the world stage.

“Having Alex present at the opening was a great honor and pleasure,” said Tiago Gouveia, Director of the Museu do Caramulo. “The guests were delighted to meet the artist and took the opportunity to discuss his works. Everyone enjoyed the explanations that Alex kindly provided, thus enriching their overall experience of the Speed Lines exhibition.”

Brian Redman, Gulf-Porsche 917, Spa, picture, Wakefield, Speed Lines, A Perfect Storm, Alex Wakefield's Art Speed Lines

Picture this picture. An attendee photographs Wakefield’s interpretation of a Gulf-Porsche 917 at Spa as driven by Brian Redman entitled “A Perfect Storm”.











“Through his paintings, Alex Wakefield takes us inside the races, in a tangle of colors, sounds, speed and excitement, as if we had actually witnessed these great historical moments,” said Salvador Gouveia, Museu do Caramulo’s Curator.


“This past week in Portugal has been truly a wonderful experience,” said Wakefield. “I don’t think my family and I could have had a better introduction to a country. Tiago, Salvador and their staff run a first-rate institution where great care of both art and automotive history are presented for all to enjoy. This is a place of stewardship and I am privileged to have my work on display at their museum. I encourage everyone when in Portugal to visit Caramulo and the Museu do Caramulo. Obrigado!”


Full Tilt, Martini, Porsche, Le Mans, 24 Hours of Le Mans, Alex Wakefield's Art Speed Lines

“Full Tilt”. The Martini-Porsche 935 at the 1976 24 Hours of Le Mans.









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